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We create NICHE SUPERSTARS Using Our Unique Video Marketing System to attract and convert more clients

What we DO


We help coaches, consultants, and business owners become Niche Superstars by growing their businesses with video. Through our unique video marketing system, your prospects will know, like, and trust you, converting to more paying clients.

Our offerings

hire us to do it for you

GreatBiz Media takes the heavy lifting of creating videos off your plate.

Our packages range from a one-time, single video to several videos a week dispersed on all main platforms. Our Done-For-You packages are great for small to medium-sized businesses looking to become the superstar of their niche through video branding.

We create Niche Superstars by making video easy. We handle pre-production (systems), post-production (editing), and video marketing strategy & implementation (getting results). All you have to do is press record, and we handle the rest.

Learn how to do it yourself

GreatBiz Media teaches you to become a better video marketer with coaching along the way.

Our courses equip coaches, consultants, and business owners with the tools needed to start dominating their market with video. If you’re serious about growing your business but aren’t ready for done-for-you services, this is for you.

You will learn how to get maximum results with video, with only a team of one, while maintaining the other aspects of running your business.

Done-for-you VIDEO

People buy from brands and businesses that they know, like, and trust. Video stops your prospects from falling off the customer journey by building trust.

If you’re not utilizing video effectively, or even at all, you are leaving money on the table. You just are.

Done-for-you packages

Can You Be a Niche Superstar?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a coach, consultant, business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur, you name it – you can dominate your niche with video marketing.


Here’s how you can grow with video:

Greatbiz video academy

Learn how to:

  • Attract and convert more clients using video
  • Create video content easily without a team
  • Increase the effectiveness of all of your marketing efforts by incorporating video content
  • Make a compelling single video to immediately increase conversions
  • And much more…

GreatBiz Video Academy

Sections Include:

  • Content Strategy
  • Niche Targeting
  • Scripting
  • Pre-Production Planning
  • Technical Video 
  • Editing
  • Implementation for Results
  • And More!

This 28-day course is designed to make creating video so easy that you will have a completed high-converting video by its completion. Whether you are a video beginner or a seasoned creator, GreatBiz Video Academy will meet you where you’re at to upgrade your video marketing skills. We believe the key to success is action, so there will be dedicated coaching sessions along the track of the course to provide guidance, feedback, and answer all of your questions.

pre-sale starting at $497

For DTM consultants & their clients
(Increases to $797 on launch in October)

Regular price: $999, marked down for DTM Consultants.

Your clients can enroll at $897, plus $100 extra going into your pocket.