Mickey & Joel

Meet The Team

Video Marketers Who Care

Our heart is for the success of small business owners and entrepreneurs. With decades of small business ownership experience, we know the struggles, pain points, AND how to overcome them. Through video, we aim to begin the avalanches of success in your business, using our unique Video Mastery System.

Meet Mickey

Favorite Food: Anything Mexican

One Thing I Can’t Live Without Every Day: Morning Coffee

One Thing I Love About Video Marketing: It has to be the immediate impact that it can have – how you can go from no sales to 1000s in a couple of weeks!

What Superpower Would I Have: To fly, oh yea!

One Thing People Remember About Me: Always being able to remain calm and positive in a stressful situation.

  • Using Video to Grow Businesses
  • Marketing Planning & Strategy
  • Business Coaching & Marketing Consulting
  • Training Teams To Grow Confidently
“The secret to a great business is the fusion of world-class products with exceptional marketing.”

Mickey’s focus is on gratitude and growth so we can live healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate, and purposeful lives – and so he can help others do the same. Mickey’s virtual one-on-one coaching and marketing training systems will help close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your business.

Mickey O’Brien

Founder & CEO

Joel O’Brien

Founder & COO

Meet Joel

Favorite Food: Sushi

One Thing I Can’t Live Without Every Day: Coffee and a good candle

One Thing I Love About Video Marketing: The power of organic reach and the trust that video builds with audiences.

What Superpower Would I Have: Flight, for sure.

One Thing People At My Last Company Would Remember About Me: I am persistent in achieving goals.

  • Ideating, planning, shooting, editing, polishing, and posting video content that converts.
  • Using systems to repeat desired results.
  • Analyzing data to increase performance.

Joel is passionate about performance-driven marketing, innovation, business growth, and empowering business owners to grow and succeed using video.

Joel currently serves as our resident ‘Marketing Strategist’ to give our clients strategies that are designed to drive more revenue. When he’s not at his computer, you can usually find him rock climbing, flying drones, or shooting amazing photography.

“The answer is ‘no’ if you don’t ask, so you might as well shoot for a ‘yes.’ ”

Joel has a creative degree in filmmaking and a career emphasis in Marketing. He has been working in the industry since 2015. He loves growing companies with profit-driven marketing and building lasting relationships with his clients.